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Driving Down Cost: How to Manage and Cut Costs- Intelligently: How to Manage and Cut Costs- Intelligently

Book Description

Drawing on over 25 years’ consultancy experience running a multitude of cost-reduction projects internationally, Andrew Wileman provides a Cost Management Toolkit packed with key ideas and strategies for analyzing cost-management. He lays out a set of ideas, approaches, tips and tricks that have worked for him and looks at the sneaky ways costs can be created and the even sneakier, smart ways they can be cut like getting your customers to do your work for you, or turning cost into revenue. Packed with real-life, international case studies and practical techniques for implementing cost reduction programs in a period of market chaos and worldwide recession, this new edition could not be more timely.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents
  5. Preface to the New Edition
    1. The Cost Manager’s Toolkit – PDA-size Summary
  6. 1 Good Cost Management
    1. The Unsung Hero
    2. Cheaper and Better
    3. Managing and Cutting Costs – Intelligently
  7. 2 Cost Leadership
    1. A Challenging Base Case
    2. Individual Accountability
    3. Persistence
    4. A Continuous Improvement Culture
    5. Short Timeframes
    6. Feedback Loops
    7. Strategic Skepticism
    8. Top Team: Finance
    9. Top Team: Human Resources
    10. Role Models
    11. Toolkit – Cost Leadership
  8. 3 Techniques and Tactics
    1. Understanding Cost Dynamics
    2. Management Accounts and Metrics
    3. Bang for Buck
    4. Slice and Dice
    5. Understanding Natural Cost Trends
    6. Cash Cost Not P&L Cost
    7. Best Practice (and Level Playing Fields)
    8. Competitive Analysis
    9. Toolkit – Techniques and Tactics
  9. 4 People
    1. Why Is People Cost So Problematic?
    2. Hiring
    3. Paying
    4. Technology and Productivity
    5. Firing
    6. Managing the Average Performer
    7. Minimizing the Core Organization
    8. Toolkit – People
  10. 5 Suppliers
    1. Who Manages Supplier Costs?
    2. Understand the Balance of Power
    3. Consolidate to Fewer Better Suppliers
    4. Negotiate Intelligently
    5. Don’t Get Locked In
    6. Manage Total Cost of Ownership
    7. Get Tough on the Costs of Services
    8. Toolkit – Suppliers
  11. 6 Cost Cutting Case Study
    1. Month 1
    2. Month 2
    3. Month 3
    4. Month 4
  12. 7 Wired and Global
    1. The Internet
    2. Globalization
    3. Toolkit – Wired and Global
  13. 8 Lateral Thinking
    1. Indirect Cost Generators
    2. Let the Customers Do the Work
    3. Cost into Revenue
    4. Toolkit – Lateral Thinking
  14. 9 Cost Management as Strategy
    1. Delivering Value via Acquisitions
    2. Underpinning Pricing Strategies
    3. Discovering More New Growth Opportunities
    4. Creating an Effective Center in a Large Corporation
    5. Toolkit – Cost Management as Strategy
  15. 10 Cost in the Public Sector
    1. The Size of the Problem
    2. What Constitutes Public Spending?
    3. Why Managing Public-Sector Cost Is Tough
    4. Yes, It’s Tough
    5. Applying the Cost Manager’s Toolkit
    6. The Public-Sector Opportunity
  16. Conclusion: The Cost Manager as Hero
  17. The Cost Manager’s Toolkit – Laptop-size Summary
  18. Index
  19. Acknowledgments