CHAPTER 6 Principles for Quality Management Systems

Good managers or leaders are team builders, known by their integrity, substance, and character. These managers know the needs of their customers and can empower their employees, aligning their direction with common goals to improve process operations for ultimate performance.

People who are employed by the organization are looking for meaning and stability; they are willing to put in the effort to make the difference if the work environment is supportive. This allows their creativity and input to support the passion and purpose of their management to serve customers better than competitors.

Financial management helps the company maintain control, but a company looking for business success and survival will succeed only when the management system framework is in place to support its processes. The ISO 9001 international standard for quality helps a company align its mission and dedication to serve its customers with superior products or services and manage effectively and efficiently.

Since 1994, I have supported international standards for management systems, as the business management structure is one that is understood around the world; when you are doing business globally, you need to all play on a level playing field. Management system frameworks, however, are only as good as the supported government legislation for compliance tied with environmental, health, and safety issues.

The three main international management system ...

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