CHAPTER 10 International Management Systems

An effective manager knows the importance of having business principles in place to focus the organization on the vision for its business success.

How do you manage your business, and what management system framework do you use?

Leaders are looking to improve business operations to access timely data and information to make informed opportune decisions while working in the global competitive marketplace. CEOs and top management not only need to understand what the financial bottom line expectations are but also require information on operations that support getting to the end result. They need to know what processes or systems are in place to support success in business effectiveness and efficiency.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO), based in Geneva, Switzerland, is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies from over 190 countries and has been working for the last 60 plus years in developing standards to facilitate international commerce.1 Standards have been developed by international technical committees, made up of experts in the subject, with input from relevant others, such as major organizations, governments, and nongovernmental bodies from around the world. These standards set a framework for the successful operation of a business, ensuring continual improvement and the success of the business.

The three key international management system standards are ISO 9001 for quality, ISO 14001 for environment, ...

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