CHAPTER 13 Step Two: Insure

Implementation of Plans

Now that you have identified your strategic plans, you need to have your “support” processes in place to carry out the organization’s policy, goals, and planned objectives and targets to improve business operations.

Support is essential for the success and sustainability of your business, and needs to be managed. Applicable documentation needs to be put in place, resources and infrastructure requirements outlined, and controls implemented for documented information (IT, procedures, work instructions), communication systems, and appropriate training (knowledge, competence).

In this step, employees, contractors, and visitors are educated about the applicable risks. These may be tied to their work or to working in a safe environment, following applicable procedures or work instructions.

When incidents or accidents occur, investigations take place to ensure mediation takes place. Inspections are key to ensure ongoing conformance to requirements. Managers are to take every precaution reasonable for the protection of the workers and the company. They will determine root causes and plan to manage corrective actions related to nonconformances.

Employees also have a responsibility for the quality of their work, to prevent the occurrence of product/service nonconformity, to assist in identifying any risks tied to not only quality but also environment and health and safety, which contributes to the well-being of the organization, and ...

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