Chapter 7. Calendar

Of all the ways you can use your Droid 2 to keep track of your life, the calendar may be the most important. Need to remember the meeting this afternoon, the dinner date tonight, the tennis game tomorrow morning? Forget paper-based calendars—the Droid 2 puts them to shame.

Better still, Droid 2’s calendar is actually Google’s Calendar, so whether you’re looking at your calendar on your Droid 2 or on your PC, you see the exact same thing, because the Droid 2 syncs with Google Calendar. So no matter where you are, you know where you need to be today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Using the Calendar

To run the calendar, tap the calendar icon in the Application Tray. The calendar immediately loads. You’re looking at events imported from Google Calendar, so if you’re already using Google Calendar, you see your appointments instantly. If you’ve never used Google Calendar, you see a blank calendar.

image with no caption


You can also get to the calendar via the Calendar widget on the Productivity pane. The widget shows you the most recent appointment for the current day. Tap it to go to that day’s Agenda view or an event, if you tapped an event (see Adding Events to the Calendar for details).

The Google Calendar and the Droid 2 calendar automatically sync wirelessly, so you should see the most up-to-date calendar information on the Droid 2 calendar. Syncing means that not only will your Droid 2 calendar ...

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