Time for action – installing Drupal 8

We are going to use a combination of Drush and Git to install Drupal:

  1. Mac OS X: Open up the Terminal application, and type the following command:
    cd /Applications/MAMP/htdocs

    Windows: Open Command Prompt and type the following command:

    cd C:\xampp\htdocs
  2. Now, we are going to use Git to locally clone the Drupal core Git repository into a new d8dev folder (this will take a few minutes or so depending on your network bandwidth):
    $ git clone --branch 8.1.x http://git.drupal.org/project/drupal.git d8dev
    Cloning into 'd8dev'...
    remote: Counting objects: 456756, done.
    remote: Compressing objects: 100% (95412/95412), done.
    remote: Total 456756 (delta 325729), reused 445242 (delta 316775)
    Receiving objects: 100% (456756/456756), ...

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