Chapter 2

Getting and Installing Drupal

In This Chapter

  • Choosing your web server
  • Downloading Drupal
  • Gathering database information
  • Installing Drupal on a web server
  • Installing Drupal on a PC
  • Configuring Drupal

We have to be honest. Installing Drupal is the worst part of the Drupal experience. If you're working on a Drupal site for your company and can get an IT person to install it for you, you're fortunate. But if you're stuck doing it yourself, prior to beginning, we suggest you turn on the calmest, happiest music you own. Turn down the lights, maybe light some candles. Find your happy place.

By comparison, once you've got it up and running, getting your site going will seem rather easy. Just push on through this part, keeping in mind that it does get simpler. And if all else fails, we offer some alternative suggestions that don't require you to install it yourself.

Feeling brave? Good for you! We're sure you can do it! But if you find yourself ready to give up (and you might), you can sign up for an account with a web hosting company that will do the dirty work of installing it for you. The downside of going through a web hosting company is that you won't get the latest, greatest version of Drupal, so we recommend you at least try to install it on your own. If you do give up, we offer you the names of a few web hosts that offer Drupal setup with the click of a button. You can also go the infinitely simpler route of signing up for Drupal Gardens ( ...

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