Reinstall, inspect modules, and generate data

The Drush extension of the Devel module provides a set of tools to speed up the development process of Drupal projects. This module's commands are for:

  • Reinstalling enabled modules: disable, uninstall, and reinstall a module with just one command
  • Search and inspect implementations of hooks and functions within all modules
  • Generate users, nodes, taxonomies, and menus on the fly

Installing the module

Devel module is installed like any other module. We will take the chance to install devel_generate submodule too, as we will use it in the examples.

$ cd /home/juampy/projects/drupal $ drush pm-download devel Project devel (7.x-1.2) downloaded to /home/juampy/projects/drupal/sites/all/modules/contrib/devel. ...

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