1.3. The Family of DSL Technologies

Several species of DSL have resulted from the evolution of technology and the market it serves. The earliest form of DSL, 144 kb/s basic rate ISDN, was first used for ISDN service in 1986, and then was later applied to packet mode ISDN DSL (IDSL), and local transport of multiple voice calls on a pair of wires (DAML: digital added main line). Basic rate ISDN borrowed from earlier voice band modem technology (V.34), and T1/E1 digital transmission technology (ITU Rec. G.951, G.952).

As shown in Figure 1.4, DSL transmission standards have evolved from 14.4 kb/s voice-band modems in the 1970s to 52 Mb/s VDSL in the year 2001. This has been an evolution, with each generation of technology borrowing from the prior ...

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