Chapter 12. Customer Premises Networking

12.1 Home Network Media

12.2 Inside Telephone Wiring and ADSL

12.2.1 In-line Filter (Microfilter)

12.2.2 Inside Wire

12.2.3 Dial-up Alarm Systems and ADSL

12.3 Inside Telephone Wire-based Home Networks

12.4 Coax Cable-based Home Networks

12.5 AC Power Wiring-based Home Networks

12.6 Dedicated Data Home Networks

12.7 Radio LAN Home Networks

12.7.1 IEEE 802.11, 802.11b, and Other 802.11 Wireless LANs


12.7.3 HomeRF

12.7.4 Bluetooth

12.8 Infrared Home Networks

One end of each DSL connects to the customer premises network. The premises may be a business office in a commercial building, a business office in a home, a residential consumer's home, a unit in an apartment building, or even a public kiosk located ...

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