Duct Tape for the Mouth: Keeping Your Mind Open and Your Mouth Closed Is a Solution

Wise men, when in doubt whether to speak or to keep quiet, give themselves the benefit of the doubt, and remain silent.

—Napoleon Hill

Parenting wisdom comes when you shut your mouth, open your ears, and observe with your eyes. Until then, it’s all guessing games.

—Vicki Hoefle

In section 1, I dissected all the ways parents end up over-involved, over-reactive, and over-directive. Out of a need to keep things moving with as little friction as possible, parents become the feeders of the “weeds” and the “doers of too much.” You’ve likely been here—your two-year-old is noodling and you begin to coax her along. Your three-year-old won’t get dressed, even though ...

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