124 e-Business Globalization Solution Design Guide
Figure 16-3 A Flight Search Result Page with detailed flight information
35.If so, verify that this information is correct.
36.Click the Search Again button.
37.Verify that the Flight Search Page is re-displayed.
38.Check the One Way option in trip type.
39.Repeat steps 5 - 35.
40.Click the Search Again button.
41.Check the Shortest Flight search result order.
42.Click the Submit button.
43.Verify that the search result is displayed from the shortest flying distance to the longest.
16.2 Translation testing
Translation testing has two major purposes:
1. To check translation accuracy and contextual pertinence
2. To improve translation quality
Localization service providers in all supported locales join the testing team to test the Web
site translation in their respective languages.
During the Localization phase, if the source localization pack is in XML format, it is difficult for
translators to catch the meaning of separate words or phrases without knowing and
understanding their context. During translation testing, testers review all translated Web
pages to pick out words and phrases that might have been inappropriately translated.
For example, in Our Global Travel Shanghai Demo Hotel Search and Reservation function,
the word “single” in room type means that the room is for one person only.

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