1Assess Your E-Mail Savvy

Although e-mail is the most frequently used vehicle for business communication, the finer points of when and how to use it are often overlooked. To test out your e-mail excellence, answer the following multiple-choice questions.

1. Typing an e-mail in all caps:

a. Is the online equivalent of yelling or screaming.

b. Makes you look unprofessional.

c. Puts a strain on the reader’s eyes.

Answer: A. E-mail etiquette dictates that all caps equals yelling. Unless the word requires capitalization (as in the case of an acronym or name), avoid this online faux pas.

2. An e-mail should only be CC’d when:

a. The other person needs to have the information.

b. The topic is interesting.

c. It’s important.

Answer: A. The unnecessary ...

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