9Use the E.M.A.I.L. Acronym

If you want a quick way to check up on your priority-one e-mails, prior to posting them for the entire world to see, try the E.M.A.I.L. acronym. Going through these few steps before you hit the send button will save you time and tension in the long run.

E = Effective Writing

Is your message one run-together text, or is it formatted in paragraphs, making it easier to read?

Is your e-mail written clearly and concisely, with the most important facts upfront in the first paragraph?

Have you checked for spelling, grammar, and typos?

M = Message Tone

Have you avoided using all caps, which could be construed as “flaming” or shouting?

Are you conveying a professional and friendly tone?

Are there any parts of your message that ...

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