33Avoid the 10 Top E-Mail Mistakes

In the world of e-mail etiquette, almost every message contains a few mishaps and blunders. The following e-mail contains the 10 most common mistakes made. Read through the message and see if you can spot them all. We’ve listed the answers at the end, so resist the urge to cheat by peeking ahead.

Subject: Your procedure sucks!!From: Jack B. NimbleDate: Friday, Aug 11To: Bill MelaterCc: Doug Heelsin, Cal Oricounter, Carrie Mehome,Jack Thecarup, Foster Goodtimes, Bettina Urshirtonit

I am so tirred of having to deal with your outdated and stupid prosedures >:(Everytime ZI deal with your department it turns into a LOL situation. What do I have to do to get my adress chaned? I moved 6 months ago a you still haven’t ...

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