41Set Up a Responsible Rant

Whereas flaming may be an e-mail etiquette no-no, expressing your frustration and venting—to a safe source—is not. When done responsibly, an e-mail vent can help you let off steam when you’re upset about something. If you ever need to vent in an e-mail or online discussion group—and you don’t want anyone to take it personally—try using rant markers. The words “Begin Rant” and “End Rant” act as parentheses, marking the beginning and end of the get-it-off-your-chest section. For example:

Subject: Our officeFrom: Conan HunakDate: Friday, May 17To: Operations Manager

Dear David:

I went over to the California office last week and couldn’t believe how different it was from our office.

They had new office furniture, clean ...

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