458 e-Marketplace Pattern using WebSphere Commerce Suite, Marketplace Edition
this necessary if you have any of your own data in LDAP. The steps to
follow are:
- Launch a browser and go to the URL
http://yourhostname/ldap .
- Log in and select the database folder.
- Select the backup link and enter
3. Other software backups
Before continuing with the installation of Marketplace Edition you should
consider backing up WebSphere Commerce Suite 4.1 and related software.
This will be useful should you decide to remove the Marketplace Edition and
revert back to the base WebSphere Commerce Suite.
Make sure that you have ample disk space to continue, because large areas
of temporary disk space will be needed. The following instruction assume that
backups will be placed in the directory /backup:
a. To back up WebSphere Commerce Suite software:
1. Enter
cd /usr/lpp
2. Enter tar -cvf /backup/CommerceSuite.tar CommerceSuite;
b. To back up IBM HTTP server:
1. Enter
cd /usr
2. Enter tar -cvf /backup/HTTPServer.tar HTTPServer; compress
c. To back up WebSphere Application Server, Advanced Edition:
1. Enter
cd /usr
2. Enter tar -cvf /backup/WebSphere.tar WebSphere; compress
d. To back up LDAP
1. Enter
cd /usr
2. Enter tar -cvf /backup/ldap.tar ldap; compress /backup/ldap.tar
A.5 Stop the remaining processes
Once you have completed the backups, you can stop LDAP and the IBM
HTTP server. Instructions are as follows:
1. Stop LDAP

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