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Earn What You're Really Worth: Maximize Your Income at Any Time in Any Market

Book Description

One of the most important assets you have is your earning ability: your ability to do something that other people will pay you for. This asset can be valuable and increase each year, or it can be stagnant and flat. Your greatest financial responsibility is to organize your time and your work so that you earn the very most possible throughout your  lifetime. Earn What You’re Really Worth will show you how. This book will be the bible of career advancement for your indefinite future. These tested, proven strategies will save you years of hard work and thousands of dollars of lost income. You will learn how to organize your life to ensure that you are earning the very maximum at every stage of your career. Earn What You’re Really Worth is for every person who works in any competitive industry, including staff members or executives who want to earn more money, people in job transition, students entering the workplace, and every unemployed person who wants to get back into
the workforce.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Dedication
  3. Introduction
  4. CHAPTER ONE - The New Normal
    1. The Race Is On
    2. The Growth of Affluence
    3. The Most Popular Destination
    4. Information Explosion
    5. Technological Revolution
    6. Increased Competition
    7. Alice in Wonderland
    8. Fat and Lazy
    9. The Power of Initiative
    10. Make Continual Course Corrections
    11. Launch Toward Your Goals
    12. New Doors of Opportunity
    13. The Vacuum Principle
    14. Try More Things
    15. The Momentum Principle
    16. Get Going and Keep Going
    17. Discipline Yourself Daily
  5. CHAPTER TWO - Your Personal Service Corporation
    1. You Write Your Own Paycheck
    2. Start With Your Values
    3. Values Clarification
    4. Market Research
    5. Your Reputation Is Everything
    6. Develop a Personal Mission Statement
    7. Your Own Mission Statement
    8. The Seven Rs of Personal Management
    9. Reevaluate Your Situation
    10. Reorganize Your Life
    11. Restructure Your Activities
    12. Reengineer Your Career
    13. Reinvent Yourself Regularly
    14. Refocus Your Energies
    15. Become a Master of Change
  6. CHAPTER THREE - Increase Your Earning Potential
    1. Don’t Settle for Less
    2. The Market Is Tough and Getting Tougher
    3. Take Charge of Your Career
    4. Get Serious About Your Future
    5. Multiple Jobs and Careers
    6. Think Ahead Five Years
    7. Continual Learning
    8. Mental Cross-Training
    9. Key Result Areas
    10. Your Weakest Important Skill
    11. Assess Your Current Skill Level
    12. Get a 360-Degree Analysis
    13. Develop Your Key Skills
    14. What Are Your Weakest Areas?
    15. Three Rules
    16. The New Age of Competition
    17. Our Productivity Is Among the Highest
    18. Your Knowledge and Skill Are an Investment
    19. There Are Always Lots of Jobs
    20. Be Prepared to Work for Less
    21. Double Your Income?
    22. Apply the 80/20 Rule
    23. Increase Your Contribution
    24. The 80/20 Rule Again
    25. You Can Only Coast Downhill
    26. Use Compound Interest in Your Favor
  7. CHAPTER FOUR - Capitalize on Your Strengths
    1. Think Strategically About Your Career
    2. Increase Your Return on Energy
    3. Your Marketable Skills
    4. Your Competitive Advantage
    5. Think Strategically About Your Career
    6. Look into Yourself
    7. You Are Remarkable
    8. Becoming a Copywriter
    9. You Can Learn Anything You Need to Learn
    10. Starting With Nothing
    11. Your Success in the Past
    12. How Are You Different and Better?
    13. Segment Your Market
    14. Concentrate Your Efforts
  8. CHAPTER FIVE - Get the Right Job
    1. A World of Experience
    2. Take Control of Your Career
    3. Develop Your Options
    4. See Yourself as Self-Employed
    5. Analyze Yourself Carefully
    6. Decide Exactly What You Want
    7. Think About the Future
    8. Start Where You Are
    9. Understand the Job Market
    10. Your Labor Is a Commodity
    11. Employers Are Customers
    12. The Universal Hiring Rule
    13. The 80/20 Rule Revisited
    14. Fish Where the Fish Are
    15. Jobs, Jobs Everywhere
    16. Use Your Time Well
    17. Define Your Ideal Job
    18. Plan Your Day In Advance
    19. Keep Good Notes
    20. Do Your Homework
    21. Prepare Thoroughly In Advance
    22. Sow Seeds Everywhere
    23. Internet Job Search
    24. Increase Your Probabilities of Success
    25. Knowledge Is Power
    26. Look for the Names of Decision-Makers
    27. The Three Cs to Getting Any Job
    28. Your Reputation Is Important
    29. Be Good at What You Do
    30. The Seven Qualities Most in Demand
    31. Write Résumés That Get Results
    32. Two Types of Résumés
    33. The Functional Résumé
    34. Transferability of Results
    35. Informational Interviewing
    36. Getting the Interview
    37. Interview Like a Professional
    38. Ace the Interview
    39. Sell Yourself Professionally
    40. Uncover the Needs of the Employer
    41. Prove What You Say Is True
    42. Getting the Job
    43. Focus on Contribution
    44. Negotiating the Best Salary
    45. Neither Accept Nor Reject the First Offer
    46. Increase the Bracket
    47. Negotiate for Benefits
    48. All the Key Ideas
  9. CHAPTER SIX - The Future Belongs to the Competent
    1. The Smarter You Get, the Smarter You Get
    2. Starting from Behind
    3. The Great Question
    4. Do What Top People Do
    5. The Iron Law of the Universe
    6. Change Your Mind-Set
    7. The Only Real Difference
    8. The Power of Persuasion
    9. Myths About Communicating
    10. Communicating as a Natural Skill
    11. The Communication Process
    12. Communication Is Complicated
    13. The Total Message
    14. Become an Excellent Listener
    15. Preparation Ensures Better Understanding
    16. What Are His or Her Motivations?
    17. Ask Your Way to Success
  10. CHAPTER SEVEN - Double Your Productivity
    1. Make a Decision!
    2. Practice Self-Discipline in Everything
    3. Develop Clear Goals and Objectives
    4. Seven Steps to Goal-Achievement
    5. Goal-Setting Exercise
    6. Select Your Number One Goal
    7. Plan Every Day in Advance
    8. Always Think on Paper
    9. Begin with a List
    10. Use the ABCDE Method to Set Priorities
    11. Important and Unimportant
    12. Follow the Rules
    13. Separate the Urgent from the Important
    14. The Quadrant of Effectiveness
    15. Don’t Waste Time
    16. Wastes of Time
    17. The Law of Forced Efficiency
    18. Practice Creative Procrastination
    19. Work at Your Energy Peaks
    20. Get Lots of Rest
    21. Practice Single-Handling with Key Tasks
    22. Huge Time Savings
    23. Eat That Frog!
    24. The High-Performance Formula
    25. Incredible Growth Rates
    26. Organize Your Workspace
    27. Use the TRAF Formula
    28. Time to Get Organized
    29. Use Travel Time Productively
    30. Make Flying Time Productive
    31. Start Work Immediately
    32. Get Better at Your Key Tasks
    33. Work in Real Time
    34. Reengineer Your Work
    35. Practice Zero-Based Thinking Continually
    36. Keep Asking the Question
    37. Set Clear Posteriorities
    38. Look for More Time
    39. Keep Your Life in Balance
    40. Simplify and Streamline
    41. The Keys to Balance
    42. Be Intensely Action-Oriented
    43. Make Every Minute Count
  11. CHAPTER EIGHT - Practical Project Management
    1. Avoid the Intelligence Trap
    2. A Basic Life Skill
    3. Be the Best in Your Field
    4. Outsourcing and Project Management
    5. You Are Outsourcing Continually
    6. The Key to High Productivity
    7. Project Management
    8. Practice and Discipline
    9. Start with the Finished Project
    10. Organize Each of the Steps
    11. Selection and Delegation
    12. Project Management Problems
    13. Multiply Yourself with Delegation
    14. Make the Project Visual
    15. Murphy’s Laws
    16. Identify the Limiting Step
    17. Gain the Winning Edge
  12. CHAPTER NINE - Put People First
    1. Increase Your Intelligence
    2. Three Deep Needs
    3. You Are a Work in Progress
    4. The Perfection of Character
    5. Seven Essential Principles
  13. CHAPTER TEN - Powerful Problem Solving and Decision-Making
    1. Focus on Solutions
    2. Focus on the Future
    3. Solve Problems Systematically
    4. The Most Powerful Computer
    5. Two Brains in One
    6. Unlock Your Full Potential
    7. Four Mental Qualities
    8. Expect the Best
    9. Three Places to Use Your Intuition
    10. Increase Your Powers
    11. Gather Information
    12. Ask for Advice
    13. Speak to Lots of People
    14. Your Ability to Think
    15. Practice Mindstorming on Every Problem
    16. Forget About It
    17. Recognizing an Intuitive Decision
  14. CHAPTER ELEVEN - Get Paid More and Promoted Faster
    1. Dealing with Stress
    2. A Typical Story
    3. Make the Right Choices
    4. Find a High-Growth Industry
    5. Be Prepared to Change
    6. Do Your Research
    7. Select the Right Boss
    8. Integrity Is the Key Quality
    9. Be Prepared to Move
    10. Develop a Positive Attitude
    11. Working Well with Others
    12. Create a Positive Image
    13. Dress Like a Person with a Future
    14. Your First Impression
    15. Watch Your Grooming
    16. Start Earlier, Work Harder, and Stay Later
    17. Work Longer Hours
    18. Win the Contest
    19. Get Back to Work
    20. Push to the Front
    21. Promote Yourself
    22. Seize Upon Every Opportunity
    23. Ask for What You Want
    24. Ask for an Increase in Pay
    25. Never Fear Rejection
    26. Plan Your Strategy in Advance
    27. Not Afraid to Ask
    28. Guard Your Integrity as a Sacred Thing
    29. Be Future-Oriented in Your Work and Personal Life
    30. What Is the Gap?
    31. Become Goal-Oriented in Everything You Do
    32. Become Intensely Results-Oriented
    33. Get Your Boss on the Same Page
    34. The Value of Mentors
    35. Proven Success Methods
    36. Character and Competence
    37. Your Degree of Openness
    38. The Willingness to Help
    39. Become Idea-Oriented in Your Work
    40. Develop Intense People-Orientation
    41. Broaden Your Network
    42. An Attitude of Gratitude
    43. Be Growth-Oriented
    44. Continual Learning
    45. The Consequences of Not Learning
    46. Imagine Starting Over
    47. The Educated Person
    48. Bridge the Gap
    49. Learn How to Learn
    50. The Keys to Lifelong Learning
    51. Enroll in Automobile University
    52. Travel Any Distance
    53. Commit to Excellence
    54. Become Customer-Oriented in Your Work
    55. Who Are Your Customers?
    56. Four Levels of Customer Satisfaction
    57. Think About Profits All the Time
    58. The New Normal
    59. Develop Your Own Power Base
    60. Three Forms of Power
    61. Position Power
    62. Become Intensely Action-Oriented
    63. Develop a Sense of Urgency
  15. CHAPTER TWELVE - Perception Is Everything
    1. Supercharging Your Career
    2. Look the Part of Success
    3. Join Professional Associations
    4. Donate Your Services
    5. Move Quickly on Opportunities
    6. Upgrade Your Skills
    7. Develop a Positive Mental Attitude
  16. Copyright Page