Easier, Simpler, Faster

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To enhance and sustain its Lean journey, a company must implement information systems that fully support and enhance the Lean initiative. In

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Dedication
  6. Table of Contents
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Introduction
    1. Lantech, Lean, and IS: Why This Book Was Written
    2. Beginning Your Journey: IS, IT, and ERP
    3. All Value Streams Are Created Equal
    4. Overview
    5. Conclusion
  9. Chapter 1: Lean Basics to Define Your Customer Value, Eliminate Wastes, and Align IS
    1. The Five Lean Principles
    2. The Seven Deadly Wastes
    3. Kaizen and Kaizen Events—Aligning IS to Improvement Activities
    4. Thirteen IS Guiding Principles for a Lean Environment
  10. Chapter 2: Applying Standardization to Information Systems
    1. Applying Standardization to Hardware and Software
      1. Hardware Madness
      2. Software Galore
      3. ERP in Name Only
      4. Hardware Benefits from Standardization
      5. Software Benefits from Standardization
    2. Doing More with Less, Faster and Cheaper
    3. Benefits from Using a Common ERP System
  11. Chapter 3: Integrating Your Order Entry into the Information Highway
    1. Modifying ERP to Handle Order Entry
      1. Every Employee Sees the Customer Order
      2. Handling Incomplete Customer Orders
    2. Making Your Office Lean—Less Paper/Immediate Access
      1. Hold That Order!
      2. From Lead to Quote to Order
      3. Scheduling an Order to the Floor
  12. Chapter 4: Selecting, Enabling, and Customizing Your ERP System
    1. Base Product Definition—Technology and Business Preferences
      1. Use Business People with Lean Backgrounds to Find a New ERP System
    2. Skip the ERP Product Sales Talk and Go Directly to the Technicians
    3. The Role of End User Participation
      1. Finalizing Our ERP Choice
    4. Managing Your ERP—Implementing a Vanilla Version vs. Customizing
      1. Customizing ERP after Implementation
    5. The Power of Training and Keeping Programmers on Staff
  13. Chapter 5: Kanban: Reducing Inventory and Managing Pull with Suppliers
    1. Kanban Basics
      1. Benefits of Less Inventory
    2. MRP Produces More Inventory, Less Flexibility
    3. The Kanban Process Begins to Open Doors
    4. Kanban Reduces Inventory, Eliminates Waste, and Improves Savings
    5. Integrating the Kanban Process into the ERP System
      1. Creating Self-Billing Invoices
      2. Kanban Builds Stronger Supplier Relationships
    6. Inventory Accuracy Is Less Critical with a Kanban System
  14. Chapter 6: Reshuffling MRP to Align with Kanban and Lean
    1. Role of MRP in Lean
      1. The Pre-MRP Program
      2. MRP Benefits
      3. MRP No Longer Manages You
  15. Chapter 7: Mission to Go Live–Building Teams and Overcoming Barriers
    1. The Business Process Kaizen Team’s Strategic Project
    2. The BPK Team Becomes the New ERP Team
      1. Choosing a Consultant and Creating an Implementation Team
    3. Managing the Implementation
    4. Going Live—Strike for the Heart
      1. The Challenge of Using Fewer Reports
    5. Importance of Teams in Building a Lean Culture
  16. Chapter 8: Capturing, Managing, and Sharing Information
    1. Who Sees the Information?
      1. Benefits of Open Sharing of Information
      2. Example of Easy Access—Programming a Preorder Screen
    2. Open Information Builds Trust and a Common Culture
      1. Use Information as a Tool Throughout Your Business
    3. The New IS Role in Supporting Lean
  17. Chapter 9: Lean Accounting Systems
    1. The Role of Reports in Lean
    2. Standard Cost Accounting
      1. Plain English Financial Statement
      2. Putting Financial Statements in the Hands of the Users
    3. Impact of Kanban on Accounts Payable Functions
    4. Standard Allocations
  18. Appendix I: Seven Steps to Eliminating Standard Cost from an Information System
  19. Appendix II: The Thirteen Guiding Information System Principles
  20. Index
  21. About the Authors

Product information

  • Title: Easier, Simpler, Faster
  • Author(s): Jean Cunningham, Duane Jones
  • Release date: June 2020
  • Publisher(s): Productivity Press
  • ISBN: 9781000170214