E - F
Easy Media Creator
assets collections, 106
burning disc image files, 26-27
combining audio tracks, 24
copying, 28
disc image file creation, 25
track transitions, adding, 20-23
track transitions, clearing, 23
track transitions, crossfades, 22
track transitions, potential
problems, 21
track transitions, testing, 21
track transitions, time intervals,
Creator Classic, CD creation, 2
destination music folders, creating,
existing projects, opening, 29
home page appearance, 4
launching from Roxio shortcut, 4
MP3 audio CDs, creating, 18-19
music libraries, creating, 12-13
new projects, starting, 5
Preview window, 5
projects, saving, 122-123
screen resolution, creating, 5
SmartScan capture, 108
tracks, ripping, 5
capture execution (Capture
window), 110-111
capture preparations (Capture
window), 108-109
video footage
capturing (Capture window),
106, 108-111
previewing (Capture window),
VideoWave editor
acquired still images, 116-119
captured video collections,
video capture process, 112-113
DVDs, On-Disc Options (DVD
(Builder), 192
menu text in projects (DVD Builder),
sound files (Sound Editor)
applying, 216-217
enhancing, 218-219
equalizing, 218-219
maturizing, 219
video clips, adding (VideoWave),
encoders for MP3 files, 58-59
encoding MP3 files (Nero
Burning ROM), 62-63
Enhancements command
(View menu), 98
enhancing sound files (Sound
Editor), 218-219
equalizing sound files (Sound
Editor), 218-219
exporting PowerPoint slides
for DVD projects, 204-207
extracting video from movie
DVDs, 120-121
files names, shortening
(Creator Classic), 31
finding playlists, 93
Easy Media Creator

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