Easy iLife ’09

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See it done. do it yourself.  It’s that Easy! Easy iLife ‘09 teaches you the fundamentals of working with the iLife suite, including iPhoto, iMovie, iWeb, and more. Fully illustrated steps with simple instructions guide you through each task, building the skills you need to master iLife ‘09 with ease. No need to feel intimidated, we’ll hold your hand every step of the way.

Learn how to…

•   Get started with iLife 09, including protecting your priceless iLife content

•   Add photos to your iPhoto library, improve them, and keep them organized

•   Share your photos online at sites like Facebook and Flickr and use them in other exciting and creative projects

•   Build amazing iMovie projects with video, audio, and special effects

•   Put your movies on the Web with MobileMe, YouTube, or on an iPhone/iPod

•   Create and publish sophisticated websites

•   Put your iLife content on professional looking and sounding DVDs

•   Create and mix your own music

Easy steps guide you through each task.

Items you select or click are shown in bold.

Each step is fully illustrated.

Category:  Apple

Covers:  iLife ‘09

User Level:  Beginner

Table of contents

  1. Easy iLife ’09
    1. About the Author
    2. Acknowledgments
    3. We Want to Hear from You!
    4. Reader Services
    5. Introduction
    6. 1. Preparing iLife 09
        1. Installing iLife 09
        2. Updating iLife Applications
        3. Obtaining and Configuring a MobileMe Account
        4. Backing Up Your iLife Content
        5. Restoring Your iPhoto Photos
        6. Restoring Other iLife Content
    7. 2. Getting Started with iPhoto
        1. Preparing iPhoto for Imports
        2. Importing Photos into the Photo Library
        3. Viewing Photos
        4. Viewing Photos in Events
        5. Identifying Faces in Photos
        6. Viewing Photos by Faces
        7. Associating Photos with Known Places
        8. Associating Photos with New Places
        9. Viewing Photos by Places Using the Map
        10. Viewing Photos by Places Using the List
        11. Viewing Photos in Slideshows
        12. Viewing Photo Information
    8. 3. Organizing and Searching an iPhoto Photo Library
        1. Changing a Photo’s Tags Using the Info Dialog Box
        2. Changing a Photo’s Tags Using the Info Pane
        3. Changing Tags for Multiple Photos Simultaneously
        4. Configuring Keywords for Photos
        5. Applying Keywords to Photos
        6. Searching for Photos by Basic Information
        7. Searching for Photos by Keywords
        8. Searching for Photos by Date
        9. Searching for Photos by Rating
        10. Viewing an Event’s Information
        11. Tagging an Event
        12. Merging Events
        13. Splitting Events
        14. Creating Events
        15. Moving Photos Between Events
        16. Organizing Albums and Projects in Folders
        17. Creating and Adding Photos to Standard Photo Albums
        18. Creating Smart Photo Albums
    9. 4. Improving Photos in iPhoto
        1. Editing Photos
        2. Rotating Photos
        3. Applying Effects to Photos
        4. Cropping Photos
        5. Straightening Photos
        6. Enhancing Photos
        7. Removing Red-Eye
        8. Retouching Photos
        9. Adjusting Photos
    10. 5. Sharing Photos with iPhoto
        1. Printing Photos
        2. Ordering Prints of Photos
        3. Emailing Photos
        4. Publishing Photos to a MobileMe Gallery
        5. Publishing Photos to an iWeb Web Site
        6. Sharing Photos on Facebook
        7. Sharing Your Photos on a Local Network
        8. Accessing Photos Shared with You on a Local Network
        9. Burning Photos to Disc
    11. 6. Creating Projects in iPhoto
        1. Creating Slideshows
        2. Creating Calendars
        3. Creating Greeting Cards
        4. Building Photo Books
        5. Previewing, Editing, and Ordering Projects
    12. 7. Getting Started with iMovie
        1. Adding Video to the Event Library
        2. Previewing Clips in the Event Library
        3. Organizing the Event Library
        4. Renaming Events
        5. Splitting Events
        6. Merging Events
        7. Starting a New iMovie Project
        8. Working in the Project Library
    13. 8. Building a Movie’s Video Track
        1. Adding Video Clips to a Project
        2. Trimming Video Clips in a Project
        3. Cropping Video Clips in a Project
        4. Adjusting the Video Quality of Clips in a Project
        5. Applying Special Effects to a Video Clip
        6. Adding iPhoto Photos to a Project
        7. Adding Transitions Between Video Clips in a Project
        8. Adding and Editing Titles
        9. Editing Clips with the Precision Editor
    14. 9. Building a Movie’s Soundtrack
        1. Adjusting Native Audio for Video Clips in a Project
        2. Adding Sound Effects to a Project
        3. Adding iTunes Audio to a Project
        4. Trimming an Audio Track
        5. Mixing a Project’s Soundtrack
    15. 10. Sharing Movies with iMovie
        1. Putting a Movie on DVD
        2. Publishing a Project to the Web Using MobileMe
        3. Putting a Project onto an iPhone or iPod
        4. Publishing a Project to the Web Using iWeb
        5. Publishing a Project to the Web Using YouTube
    16. 11. Getting Started with iWeb
        1. Creating a Web Site
        2. Configuring a Web Site
        3. Adding Pages to a Web Site
        4. Adding Text Content
        5. Formatting Text on a Web Page
        6. Replacing Template Graphics with Drag and Drop
        7. Replacing Template Graphics Using the Media Browser
        8. Formatting Graphics
        9. Replacing and Formatting Pictures on the Photos Template
        10. Configuring Slideshow and Download Options for Photos
        11. Adding and Formatting Albums on the My Albums Template
    17. 12. Building Up a Web Site
        1. Adding Text to Web Pages
        2. Adding Shapes to Web Pages
        3. Adding Web Widgets to Web Pages
        4. Adding Movies to Web Pages
        5. Adding Hyperlinks to Pages on Your Web Site
        6. Adding Hyperlinks to Other Web Sites
        7. Configuring a Web Page
        8. Adding More Sites to a Web Site
        9. Removing Content from a Web Site
    18. 13. Publishing and Maintaining an iWeb Web Site
        1. Publishing Web Sites Using MobileMe
        2. Testing Web Sites
        3. Maintaining and Updating Web Sites
        4. Setting a Default Web Site
        5. Using Your Own Web Site Address with MobileMe
    19. 14. Creating DVDs with iDVD
        1. Creating a New iDVD Project
        2. Adding Movies to a DVD Project
        3. Adding Slideshows to a DVD Project
        4. Designing Menus
        5. Configuring Drop Zones on a Menu
        6. Configuring Menus
        7. Adding Menus to a DVD
        8. Mapping a DVD
        9. Previewing a DVD
        10. Burning a DVD
    20. 15. Creating a Simple Soundtrack in GarageBand
        1. Creating a New Project with Magic GarageBand
        2. Saving and Naming a Project
        3. Selecting a Track’s Instrument
        4. Playing an Instrument with the Keyboard
        5. Playing an Instrument with Musical Typing
        6. Recording a Music Track While You Play an Instrument
        7. Adding a Loop to a Project
        8. Mixing Audio Tracks
        9. Using GarageBand Music in iLife Projects

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  • Title: Easy iLife ’09
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: May 2009
  • Publisher(s): Que
  • ISBN: 9780768691726