Easy Microsoft® Office® PowerPoint® 2003

Book description

Easy Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 takes the work out of learning this powerful tool by using short, easy-to-follow lessons that show you how to accomplish basic tasks quickly and efficiently! It is the perfect book for beginners who want to learn Microsoft's presentation software through a visual, full-color approach. More than 100 hands-on lessons are designed to teach the easiest, fastest, or most direct way to accomplish common PowerPoint tasks. The book is suited for new PowerPoint users, as well as those upgrading from an earlier version.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. About the Author
  4. Tell Us What You Think!
  5. It's as Easy as 1-2-3
  6. Introduction to Easy Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
  7. 1. Getting Started with PowerPoint
    1. The PowerPoint Program Window
    2. Starting PowerPoint
    3. Exiting PowerPoint
    4. Understanding the PowerPoint Window
    5. Working with Menus and Toolbars
    6. Customizing Toolbars
    7. Using the Task Pane
    8. Changing PowerPoint Views
    9. Zooming In and Out
    10. Finding Help
  8. 2. Creating Presentations
    1. The Slide Design Task Pane
    2. Creating a Blank Presentation
    3. Creating a Presentation Using the AutoContent Wizard
    4. Creating a Presentation Using a Design Template
    5. Understanding Slide Elements
    6. Replacing Placeholder Text
    7. Adding New Slides
    8. Changing the Slide Layout
    9. Saving a Presentation
    10. Opening and Closing an Existing Presentation
    11. Navigating Between Slides
    12. Assigning a Password to a Presentation
  9. 3. Building Presentations Using Outline View
    1. Outline View
    2. Working with the Outline Pane
    3. Adding and Editing Outline Text
    4. Promoting and Demoting Outline Text
    5. Moving Outline Text
    6. Expanding and Collapsing the Outline
    7. Creating a Summary Slide
  10. 4. Working with PowerPoint Text
    1. PowerPoint Text Objects
    2. Selecting Text
    3. Deleting Text
    4. Moving and Copying Slide Text
    5. Inserting Symbols
    6. Adding New Text Boxes
    7. Creating a Bulleted or Numbered List
    8. Customizing Bullets
    9. Changing Text Alignment
    10. Indenting Text
    11. Changing Line Spacing
    12. Changing the Text Style
    13. Changing the Font and Size
    14. Changing the Text Color
    15. Changing the Text Box Background Color
    16. Spell Checking Slide Text
  11. 5. Illustrating Your Slides
    1. The Clip Art Task Pane
    2. Adding Clip Art
    3. Adding a New Clip-Art Slide Object
    4. Adding a Picture
    5. Deleting a Slide Object
    6. Adding WordArt Objects
    7. Drawing Shapes on a Slide
    8. Adding AutoShapes
    9. Moving a Slide Object
    10. Resizing a Slide Object
    11. Adding Borders to Slide Objects
    12. Adding Shadows to Slide Objects
    13. Adding 3D Effects to Shapes
    14. Aligning Slide Objects
    15. Flipping and Rotating Slide Objects
    16. Recoloring Clip Art
    17. Creating a Photo Album
  12. 6. Changing the Appearance of Slides
    1. Color Scheme Options
    2. Changing the Design Template
    3. Changing the Slide Color Scheme
    4. Changing the Slide Background Color
    5. Changing the Slide Background Pattern or Texture
    6. Changing the Slide Background to a Gradient Effect
    7. Saving a Custom Background as a Design Template
    8. Setting Header and Footer Text
    9. Changing Slides with the Slide Master
  13. 7. Adding Charts and Diagrams
    1. PowerPoint's Charting Feature
    2. Adding a Chart
    3. Changing the Chart Type
    4. Changing the Data Plot
    5. Adding the Datasheet to the Chart
    6. Adding Chart Titles
    7. Changing Chart Options
    8. Rotating the Axis Labels
    9. Formatting Chart Numbers
    10. Formatting the Data Series
    11. Adding a Diagram
    12. Changing the Diagram Style
    13. Formatting a Diagram
    14. Adding an Organization Chart
    15. Adding a Microsoft Excel Chart
  14. 8. Adding Tables
    1. Slide with Table
    2. Adding a Table
    3. Changing Row Height or Column Width
    4. Adding a Row or Column
    5. Deleting a Row or Column
    6. Combining Table Cells
    7. Splitting Table Cells
    8. Changing Cell Background Color
    9. Aligning Cell Text
    10. Changing Table Borders
  15. 9. Adding Multimedia Elements
    1. Sound Clips
    2. Adding a Sound Clip with the Clip Organizer
    3. Adding a Sound File
    4. Recording Sounds
    5. Adding Narration
    6. Playing a Music CD with a Presentation
    7. Adding a Movie Clip with the Clip Organizer
    8. Adding a Movie File
  16. 10. Fine-Tuning a Presentation
    1. The Custom Animation Task Pane
    2. Rearranging Slides in Slide Sorter View
    3. Deleting a Slide in Slide Sorter View
    4. Adding Slides from Another Presentation
    5. Creating a Summary Slide in Slide Sorter View
    6. Adding Slide Transitions
    7. Assigning an Animation Scheme
    8. Animating a Single Slide Object
    9. Changing the Animation Order
    10. Adding Sounds to Animations
    11. Customizing Animation Effects
    12. Adding Action Buttons
    13. Creating Speaker Notes
    14. Printing a Presentation
  17. 11. Collaborating with Others
    1. The Revisions Task Pane
    2. Adding a Comment
    3. Saving a Presentation for Multiple Reviewers
    4. Merging Review Files
    5. Reviewing Changes in a Review File
    6. Emailing a Presentation
    7. Saving a Presentation as a Web Page
  18. 12. Running a Presentation
    1. A Running Slide Show
    2. Setting Up a Slide Show
    3. Rehearsing a Presentation
    4. Viewing a Presentation
    5. Creating a Custom Slide Show
    6. Packing Your Presentation onto a CD
  19. Glossary

Product information

  • Title: Easy Microsoft® Office® PowerPoint® 2003
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: September 2003
  • Publisher(s): Que
  • ISBN: 9780789729644