Chapter 4

Running Your Business on eBay


check Understanding your All Selling area

check Sending out notices and invoices

check Relisting items

check Working with bidding-management tools

In my 20 years of selling on (and writing about) eBay, there have always been rearrangements to the management tools. As I write this book, more changes are being made. The My eBay page may not even exist in the coming year, but the tools mentioned in this chapter will always be available. Read here so you’ll know what’s important to look out for.

In Book 8, Chapter 1, I give you more information on the new Seller Hub. Know that the tools mentioned in this chapter will also be in Seller Hub, but in a different format.

If you’re a beginning or small seller, the My eBay page helps you manage sales by providing an overview of what’s going on in your eBay business.

This chapter explains how you can get the most out of the My eBay: All Selling page, and how it can benefit your business.

Managing Your My eBay: All Selling Area

eBay provides some smooth management tools on your My eBay: All Selling summary page. ...

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