Chapter 4. My Very Own, Private eBay

In This Chapter

  • Making the My eBay page a space to call your own

  • Keeping tabs on all you're buying and selling

  • Organizing your data

  • Rolling with your feedback

I know eBay is a sensitive, touchie-feelie kind of company because it gives all users plenty of personal space. Long preceding, eBay's My eBay page is your private space for all your activities on eBay — sort of a "This is your eBay life." I think it's the greatest organizational tool around, and I want to talk to somebody about getting one for organizing my life outside eBay.

In this chapter, you find out how you can use the My eBay page to keep tabs on what you're buying and selling, find out how much money you've spent, and add categories to your personalized list so that you can get to any favorite eBay place with just a click of your mouse. You gain knowledge of the ins and outs of feedback — what it is, why it can give you that warm, fuzzy feeling, and how to manage it so all that cyber-positive reinforcement doesn't go to your head.


I do want to preface this chapter by warning you that the My eBay page has become the hub for the zillions of features that eBay offers. As a beginner on the site, you'll be doing yourself a favor if you stick to the basics of the buying, selling, feedback, and account settings. eBay's offerings are fun, but they do a heck of a job confusing you when you're just starting out. Ease into the extras slowly.

Getting to Your My eBay Page

Using your ...

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