Chapter 14. Increase Your Profits with Pictures and Other Strategies

In This Chapter

  • Attaching pictures to your auction

  • Making picture-perfect images

  • Using great photographic form

  • Letting others know all About Me

  • Blogging on eBay My World

You may be enjoying most of what eBay has to offer, and you're probably having some good buying adventures. If you're selling, you're experiencing the excitement of making money. But there's more. Welcome to eBay, the advanced class.

In this chapter, you go to the head of the class by discovering some insider tips on how to enhance your auctions with images and spiffy text. Successful eBay vendors know that pictures (also called images) really help sell items. This chapter gives you the basics on how to create great images. I also give you advice on linking pictures to your auctions so that buyers around the world can view them.

Using Images in Your Auctions

Would you buy an item you couldn't see? Most people won't, especially if they're interested in purchasing items that they want to display or clothes they intend to wear. Without a picture, you can't tell whether a seller's idea of good quality is anything like yours — or if the item is exactly what you're looking for.

Welcome to the cyberworld of imaging, where pictures are called not pictures but images, and your monitor isn't a monitor but a display. With a digital camera or a scanner and software, you can manipulate your images — spin, crop, and color-correct — so that they grab viewers by the lapels. ...

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