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For more information:
eClient 101
Customization and Integration
Basic introduction to
installing and using
customization and
integration with
sample codes
Special topics on
information mining,
Siebel and single
sign-on integration
This IBM Redbook provides a basic introduction to IBM DB2 Content
Manager Version 8 eClient. By providing helpful, easy-to-understand
sample codes and step-by-step instructions, this redbook will help you
in your next eClient integration and customization project.
We provide detailed step-by-step instructions on installing eClient,
installing eClient in a WebSphere Network Deployment environment, and
using eClient.
To prepare for eClient customization and integration, we introduce J2EE,
servlets, and JSPs. We cover the eClient architecture and inspect a basic
eClient control flow. We also provide the essential information required
to start creating applications with EIP. We include sample codes to
demonstrate the usages of APIs. In addition, we provide step-by-step
instructions on setting up an eClient development environment and
discuss design and implementation considerations.
We provide sample codes for changing the look and feel, customizing the
edit attributes window, adding customized functions in the search
results window, and using EIP privileges for access control. By
demonstrating some of the customization with the sample codes, you
should have a better understanding of what and how you can customize
eClient for your business needs.
We cover e-mail integration and special topics on Information Mining
Service, Siebel integration, and single sign-on integration. The
installation, setup, configuration, and integration are presented with
detailed step-by-step instructions. We provide detailed sample codes for
enabling metadata-based data retrieval.
Finally, we provide tips and recommendations on how to troubleshoot
problems, with a list of typical problems and their resolutions. In addition,
we give a brief introduction on performance tuning for eClient.
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