Chapter 3. Installing eClient in a WebSphere Network Deployment environment 73
3.7.3 Starting the eClient cluster server
You can start your eClient cluster server in the WebSphere Administrative
1. Select Servers ->Clusters in Navigation pane on the left.
2. Select entry eClient in the Server Cluster window on the right.
3. Click Start to start the cluster server. This starts all cluster members. For our
scenario, both server eClient_Server on node cm02 and eClient_Server_04
on node cm04 are started.
4. Select Servers ->Application Servers in the Navigation pane on the left.
The Application Servers window on the right shows the running status for all
3.8 Configuring HTTP Web server
Since many changes have been made in the WebSphere Application Server
Network Deployment environment, you must regenerate the Web server plug-in
file and deploy it to the Web server.
1. On the Deployment Manager node (machine cm02), launch a Network
Deployment Administrative Console by selecting Start -> Programs -> IBM
WebSphere -> Application Server v5.0 -> Network Deployment
Administrative Console.
2. Select Environment -> Update Web Server Plugin in the Navigation pane
on the left.
3. Click OK to re-generate the Web server plug-in. The plug-in file is
c:\WebSphere\DeploymentManager\config\cells\plugin-cfg.xml and it is on
machine cm02.
4. Copy the new generated Web server plug-in file to the Web server machine,
which is the machine cm01 for our scenario. The file must be copied to the
c:\WebSphere\appServer\config\cells\ directory. You should back up the
original plug-in file plugin-cfg.xml before replacing the old plug-in file with the
new one.
5. Since the WebSphere directory structure is different on machines cm01 and
cm02, you must modify the new generated Web server plug-in file.
a. Open the file c:\WebSphere\appServer\config\cells\plugin-cfg.xml on
machine cm01 in a file editor.
b. Replace c:\WebSphere\DeploymentManager with
c:\WebSphere\appServer in all occurrences.
c. Save the changes.

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