4Drivers and obstacles of ethical fashion consumption

Zara Berberyan, Sarah Margaretha Jastram and Barry A. Friedman

1. Introduction

Consumers are increasingly interested in the ethical behavior of businesses in all aspects that go into making the product (Osborn, 1999; Smith & Quelch, 1993; D’Astous & Legendre, 2008; Vermeir & Verbeke, 2008; Berry & McEachern, 2005). A growing number of consumers are expressing serious concerns about the impact of their purchasing decisions (De Pelsmacker, Driesen, & Rayp, 2005; Shaw & Shiu, 2002) and are indicating a willingness to consume fashion in a more ethical manner.

In this context, ethical fashion consumption can be defined as “the practice of consuming such clothing that is designed, sourced and ...

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