Chapter 3:Telecine Demystified

Do you like math? If you do, you’re going to love telecine. Telecine is the process of transferring film to video. The telecine process necessitates a bit of math, because neither NTSC nor PAL video have the same number of frames per second as film, and NTSC requires a 3:2 pulldown in order to equate 24 fps to 30 fps. But NTSC video actually runs at 29.97 fps, so the telecine has to slow down to 23.97 fps. This means that the sound will have to be slowed down .01 percent, which makes the math even more fun!

When film is transferred through a telecine, it is normally running at about 24 frames per second, which is its standard projection speed. Telecines don’t use light to scan the frames of film. Instead, they scan ...

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