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Effective Jenkins: Improving Quality in the Delivery Pipeline with Jenkins

Video Description

Use Jenkins effectively to improve the quality of your continuous delivery pipeline

About This Video

  • Understand Agile tests and implement them in the delivery process
  • Deal with database script deployments in the delivery pipeline
  • Implement an effective branching strategy with continuous feedback on feature branches

In Detail

In this third volume, now that you are an expert in Jenkins and the Jenkins pipeline, you will improve the quality in your delivery process by implementing an acceptance stage in workflows; we will discuss the test types and add automated API and UI tests to the pipeline. Moving forward, you will understand how to automate the execution of database scripts and add a new stage to your pipeline to manage database migrations.

Going beyond this, you will learn about branching strategies and how to implement continuous feedback on every feature branch using Jenkins multi-branch. Moving on, you'll improve the quality of your software development workflows and learn how to integrate Jenkins with GitHub to automatically build pull requests.