BEWARE! Hazardous to Cross-Cultural Communication

Colloquial Expressions:

•  This opportunity is going to vanish into thin air

•  He is full of hot air.

•  After the announcement, all hell broke loose.

•  This whole marketing team was up in arms.

•  I could feel my ears burning.

•  I am all ears.

•  Her presentation really laid an egg.

•  They are in cahoots with the vendor.

•  It’s a piece of cake.

•  Let’s call a spade a spade.

•  If we play our cards right, we can get this contract.

Sports Analogies:

•  Let’s beat them to the punch.

•  He was way off base.

•  Don’t make waves.

•  You need to fish or cut bait.

•  This is going to be a long shot.

•  We are skating on thin ice.

•  I think we need to call an audible.

•  This is a real wild card. ...

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