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Effective Sketching for UX Design

Video Description

Effective sketching is a hands-on learned craft. Written and presented by UX design expert Greg Nudelman (clients include Oracle, Cisco and eBay) and Emmy-nominated graphic designer Will Krause (Sesame Street), this video will help any product manager, marketer, developer, researcher or UX leader master this practical skill with step-by-step video guidance and individual exercises.

  • Learn about drawing types and techniques: Storyboard, whiteboard, and sticky notes
  • Master the elements of graphic storytelling: Things, people, faces, opening shots, and transitions
  • Envision a finished storyboard: What should you draw and why?
  • Design interfaces for responsive websites, iOS8, and Android Material Design
  • Use sticky notes for storyboarding, wire-framing, and mobile experience modeling
  • Discover how to handle movable interface elements like floating action buttons and menus
  • Understand color usage, effective space usage, and more when drawing on whiteboards