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Chaminda Chandrasekara and Sanjaya YapaEffective Team Management with VSTS and TFShttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-3558-4_5

5. Roadmap/Project Plan and Resources

Chaminda Chandrasekara1  and Sanjaya Yapa2
Dedigamuwa, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Kandy, Sri Lanka

So far in this book, we have discussed how to use VSTS/TFS to manage different stages and issues that the team faces during software product/project development. In this chapter, we discuss planning the product roadmap or the project plan, facilitating the Business Analysis phase with office integration, and the mobile interface of VSTS/TFS. Also, we look at providing the visibility to top management by effectively utilizing the resources available ...

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