Effective Teams: Essentials from Leader to Leader

Book description

The effective use of teams has long been one of the hottest topics in business. Here you will find a variety of viewpoints on this crucial subject, from some of the country's most prominent writers on the subject, including Patrick M. Lencioni and Jon R. Katzenbach.

These articles--curated from the award-winning Leader to Leader journal--form a kaleidoscope of ideas and inspirations for how teamwork can be improved in your organization. You'll find groundbreaking research, examples from top organizations, and best practices to guide you.

A number themes appear within. One particularly important theme is communication. This is especially true of Ichak Adizes' "Communication Strategies for Leading Teams," but also in the contributions from John Gallagher, Lisa Haneberg, Laurence Haughton, Howard M. Guttman, Jon R. Katzenbach, Douglas K. Smith, and Carol Sturman. Another is decision making, particularly in Don Maruska's "Making Great Team Decisions," but also elaborated on by Haughton, Guttman, Adizes, and Jack Uldrich.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Introduction
  3. Leading in a Virtual Learning Team
    1. Structure and Flow of the Model
    2. Team Development
    3. Leadership Development
    4. Personal Leadership Growth
    5. A Paradigm Shift in Education
    6. The Way Ahead
  4. To Improve Teamwork, Huddle Up!
    1. Huddling for Top Performance
    2. Tips and Techniques
  5. Creating Hot Teams
    1. A Prototype for Creating Hot Teams
    2. Four Dos for Hot Teams
    3. Hot Teams—Impractical or Practical?
  6. Partnering to Solve Team Problems
    1. Detecting Trouble
    2. Where to Find a Partner
    3. How a Skilled Partner Can Help
    4. What to Look for in a Partner
  7. The Trouble with Teamwork
    1. Vulnerability-Based Trust
    2. Healthy Conflict
    3. Unwavering Commitment
    4. Unapologetic Accountability
    5. Collective Orientation to Results
  8. The Discipline of Virtual Teams
    1. Two Disciplines, Not One
    2. Using the Technology Well
    3. The Single-Leader Bias in Virtual Work
    4. Practical Pointers
    5. Master the Disciplines First
  9. Making Great Team Decisions
    1. Fear Undermines Decision Making
    2. The Legacy of Fear
    3. Using Hope to Overcome Fear
    4. Translating Hopes into Action
  10. Leading into the Unknown: How Lewis and Clark Built a Great Team
    1. Laying the Foundation
    2. Leading by Example
    3. Persistence, Optimism, and Courage
    4. Pushing the Limit
    5. Infusing the Spirit of Discovery
  11. Communication Strategies for Leading Teams
    1. Managing Productive Conversations
    2. Managing Group Decision Making
    3. Putting the Pieces Together
  12. Dare to Dream
    1. Innovate and Inspire
    2. Create a Special Work Environment
    3. Flatten Hierarchy
    4. Play and Stay Together
    5. Reaching Our Full Potential Together
    6. Looking to the Future

Product information

  • Title: Effective Teams: Essentials from Leader to Leader
  • Author(s): LTL
  • Release date: April 2013
  • Publisher(s): Jossey-Bass
  • ISBN: 9781118587034