Accessing an EJB from JSP

Yet another way of accessing an EJB is from a JavaServer Pages (JSP) page. While JSP has largely been supplemented by newer technologies such as JavaServer Faces (JSF), it is still useful to understand how to incorporate an EJB into a JSP page since you may find yourself maintaining JSP code.

Getting ready

To use an EJB from a JSP client:

  1. Create the supporting EJB
  2. Use JNDI in the JSP client

    JNDI is required because JSP does not support DI.

How to do it...

Create a Java EE application called JSPExample. It should contain both a JSPExample-ejb and a JSPExample-war module. In the JSPExample-ejb module, we will create a remote session bean called ConstantsBean with methods returning common math constants. We will place it in the ...

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