Chapter 5. Search, Queries, and Filters

In this chapter, we will cover the following recipes:

  • Executing a search
  • Sorting results
  • Highlighting results
  • Executing a scan query
  • Suggesting a correct query
  • Counting matched results
  • Deleting by query
  • Matching all the documents
  • Querying/filtering for a single term
  • Querying/filtering for a multiple term
  • Using a prefix query/filter
  • Using a Boolean query/filter
  • Using a range query/filter
  • Using span queries
  • Using a match query
  • Using an ID query/filter
  • Using a has_child query/filter
  • Using a top_children query
  • Using a has_parent query/filter
  • Using a regexp query/filter
  • Using a function score query
  • Using exists and missing filters
  • Using and/or/not filters
  • Using a geo bounding box filter
  • Using a geo polygon filter
  • Using a geo distance ...

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