Chapter 38

Voltage Sags

38.1 Voltage Sag Characteristics 38-1

Voltage Sag Magnitude: Monitoring • Origin of Voltage Sags • Voltage Sag Magnitude: Calculation • Propagation of Voltage Sags • Critical Distance • Voltage Sag Duration • Phase-Angle Jumps • Three-Phase Unbalance

38.2 Equipment Voltage Tolerance 38-9

Voltage Tolerance Requirement • Voltage Tolerance Performance • Single-Phase Rectifiers • Three-Phase Rectifiers

38.3 Mitigation of Voltage Sags 38-13

From Fault to Trip • Reducing the Number of Faults • Reducing the Fault-Clearing Time • Changing the Power System • Installing Mitigation Equipment • Improving Equipment Voltage Tolerance • Different Events and Mitigation Methods


Further Information38-16

Math H.J. Bollen ...

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