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Electrical Applications 2 by David W. Tyler

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Fuse protection
Two types of small cartridge
fuse with long pre-arcing
times (anti-surge) for
protection of electronic
Figure 8.4
Small cartridge fuse links for telecommunication and light electri-
cal apparatus are rated from about 50 mA to 5 A at 250 A. They are
covered by BS2950. Other miniature fuses appear in BS4265.
Miniature fuses vary in speed from 'super quick-acting' to 'super
time-lag'. The quick-acting types have a single-strand wire element
of silver, copper or nickel-chromium, often with a small part of its
length having reduced cross-sectional area. The time-lag varieties
allow a surge to pass without rupturing and so are termed 'anti-<