Multiple Choice Questions

1. If the secondary winding of the ideal transformer shown in Figure 1 has 40 turns, the number of turns in the primary winding for maximum power transfer to the 2 Q resistor will be

  • (a) 20  (b) 40  (c) 80  (d) 160


Figure 1

2. If the rated voltage from the power lines is applied to the primary of a single-phase transformer which is operated on no-load, then

  • (a) both input voltage and current are sinusoidal
  • (b) both input voltage and current are non-sinusoidal
  • (c) input voltage is non-sinusoidal and current are sinusoidal
  • (d) input voltage is sinusoidal and current are non-sinusoidal

3. For the purpose of analysis, ...

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