Chapter 1

Entering the Exciting World of Electronics

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding electricity

arrow Distinguishing between electrical and electronic devices

arrow Outlining the most common uses for electronics

arrow Looking at a typical electronic circuit board

Electronic devices are everywhere: for example (and incredibly), the number of mobile phones on the planet exceeds the number of people. Plus, no one uses film to take photos anymore because cameras have become electronic devices, and at any given moment young people in particular are engrossed in sending text messages while simultaneously listening to music on their smartphones.

Without electronics, life today would be extremely different.

If you’ve ever wondered what makes these electronic devices tick, this chapter’s for you. Here we lay some important groundwork that helps the rest of this book to make sense. We examine the bits and pieces that make up the most common types of electronic devices, and take a look at the basic concept that underlies all electronics: electricity.

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