Appendix 2

Phono Amplifier Articles in Linear Audio

Jan Didden’s Linear Audio is one of the prime journals for the publication of articles on new audio design and hardware. Here is a list of those dealing with phono preamplifiers, plus a few notes; you can see there is much thinking going on in this area. Not all of these are referenced in the main body of the book.

“Correcting Transducer Response With an Inverse Resonance Filter”

Steven van Raalte

Volume 3

Looks highly ingenious; have not had the opportunity to explore it myself.

“A Tube-Based Phono Preamplifier”

Marcel van de Gevel

Volume 4 p105

Using pentodes and triodes.

“VinylTrak—A Full Featured MM/MC Phono Preamp”

Bob Cordell

Volume 4 p131

Discrete and opamp circuitry. RIAA equalisation ...

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