Make Time for Time Management Maintenance

Technique #10: Make Time for Time Management Maintenance

In this section of the book, you have

1. Answered the question: Can you really manage time?

2. Read about the biggest time wasters.

3. Learned to establish and focus on your top three priorities for each day.

4. Found out how to create an effective action items system that works for you.

5. Discovered new tools and resources for managing time.

6. Established ways to plan your day, week, month, and year.

7. Explored strategies you can implement to foster productive meetings.

The chapters in this section provide a foundation for you to acquire new tools, resources, ideas, and strategies that will help you manage your actions. In turn, you’ll produce valuable results that lead to the efficient management of time. Remember how we answered the question “Can you really manage time?” in Chapter 3? I said that although time cannot be managed, it can be used more wisely; to that end, you need to learn how to manage your actions and control how you spend your time.

I hope that you had a few aha moments as you read each chapter and discovered several takeaways to implement immediately. Though it will take you some time to create your new systems and employ the ideas in this section, it’s vital that you make it a priority to schedule time to do so. If you can’t set aside time to establish these processes, you will never have a complete system that you can maintain on a regular basis. Though ...

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