The 10-Step Process to Organize Your Work Space or Office

Technique #25: Use the Eliminate Chaos 10-Step Process as Your Guide to Create the Organized Spaces You Desire in Your Office

In the introduction, I defined stuff as anything that must live in the office that is not paper. When people begin to face their need to get organized, they often consider the visible stuff that needs organizing. After all, it’s easy upon seeing certain things to realize that they’re disorganized. However, after reading thus far, you understand that getting organized and being more productive at work can go hand-in-hand—and that being more productive at work goes beyond being visibly organized. So far, I discussed many of the nonvisible systems necessary to design, implement, and maintain in order to remain productive each day.

The last section of this book focuses specifically on how to organize this stuff. Whatever organization project you take on—whether it’s in your office, the front reception area, the lunchroom, mail room, office supply room, a storage area, workshop, or warehouse—you will be successful if you follow the 10-step process I have developed and will introduce shortly. I previously outlined this process in my 2006 book, Eliminate Chaos: The 10-Step Process to Organize Your Home & Life (Sasquatch Books). While my previous publication covers methods to organize your home, it is the process that counts—and that doesn’t change. The very same steps can be used in the office environment ...

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