CHAPTER 1Remove the Dead Weight

If you want to become elite, the most dangerous place to be in life is within your comfort zone. I know it’s cozy and warm, but that doesn’t make it good. Every living thing in this world is either growing or dying. In nature, nothing is static. A given organism is either improving or in decline, there is no status quo. Strength results from adversity, growth comes from effort and refinement is a product of struggle. Sure, improvement can be uncomfortable but that is okay because the pain will lead to a better product. The best way to remove dead weight is to chip away at the rough edges.

Creating a Masterpiece

I can’t help but think about a large stone in the Italian countryside in the late fifteenth century. There were probably a few like it, but there was only one that would change forever. Somebody took a hammer and chisel to the stone and began cracking away pieces, which fell to the ground. The rock may not have enjoyed the process of having its edges chipped away and given a choice, may not appreciate the developmental process. For almost two years, the stone was afflicted with friction and pounding until it began to change. It had a much different look and was indeed much lighter. It was now a completely different shape, but still rough around the edges. The artist then puts away his chisel and began smoothing the stone until it held a brilliant shine.

There were multiple stones in the Italian countryside, but the great Michelangelo ...

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