Revenue and Return on Investment

Revenue and return on investment play an instrumental role in your company’s bottom line. So of course you want to measure as much as you can with respect to what your email program accomplishes.

Case Studies

Case Study 1: Tangible Advantages of Web and Email Integration

A leading manufacturer of large LED message centers had traditionally relied on a mix of brand-building advertising and batch-and-blast email to sustain their sales. And while the company had an active client list of approximately 10,000 individual salespeople, the company only had email addresses for 450 of them.

The manufacturer partnered with an agency in order to leverage email technology to reach out to a greater number of sign dealers and create “active dealer” opportunities.

They embarked on an integrated marketing communications program aimed at building a permission-based email list; then utilized their email system to drive ongoing email communications with their new dealer network.

The program started with six print ads placed in three publications over two months. The ads were measurable due to a call to action to visit a unique landing page specific to the ad. (See how this company has leveraged offline media to generate online conversions?)

The landing page gave the salespeople the opportunity to opt-in to the email list in order to receive a white paper by email, which also included links to products and dealer support tools, such as free traffic analysis and brochures. ...

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