This index is designed to lead you to the article(s) that cover the topic you have looked up. If the page number is bold, it indicates that this is a key topic of the article. In most cases, the page references refer you to the first occurrence of a term in a given article

#define, 188, 196
&= operator, 218
[] operator, 166
|= operator, 218
<< operator, 181
= operator, 224
μiTRON, see micro-ITRON
3DES, 327t
6to4 tunneling, 307
802.11, 289


ABI (Application Binary Interface), 26–27
Abstract Syntax Notation 1 (ASN.1), 302
Activity, 358
Ada, 30, 52, 271
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), 334
address, memory, 164–165
alarms, 286
ALG (application level gateway), 318
alignment, managing, 156
Altaf, Zeeshan, 283
AMP (Asymmetrical Multi-Processing), ...

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