With the current advances in technology innovation, the field of medicine and healthcare is rapidly expanding and, as a result, many different areas of human health diagnostics, treatment and care are emerging. Wireless technology is getting faster and 5G mobile technology allows the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) to greatly improve patient care and more effectively prevent illness from developing. This book provides an overview and review of the current and anticipated changes in medicine and healthcare due to new technologies and faster communication between users and devices. In Chapter 1, Abdullah et al. review the implications of VR and AR healthcare applications, and Chapter 5 provides a review of current augmenting dental care, by Nayyar and Nguyen. Chapter 6 provides an overview of typical human-computer interaction (HCI) informed empirical experiments and psychophysiological measurement tools that can help inform the development of user interface designs and novel ways to evaluate human behavior to responses in virtual reality (VR) and with VR and other new technologies by Munoz et al. In Chapter 12, Puri and Tromp provide provide a review of telemedicine technologies.

Patient Empowerment

Patient empowerment is facilitated by the wide availability of medical information via the internet and the ability to share reliable medical information, personal experiences with medicines and medical assessments via social media, in social groups established based on ...

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