Chapter 19

Chaotic Dynamical States in the Izhikevich Neuron Model

Sou Nobukawa1; Haruhiko Nishimura2; Teruya Yamanishi1; Jian-Qin Liu3    1 Department of Management Information Science, Fukui University of Technology, Fukui, Japan2 Graduate School of Applied Informatics, University of Hyogo, Hyogo, Japan3 National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Hyogo, Japan


Chaotic resonance (CR) is a phenomenon similar to stochastic resonance (SR), but without stochastic noise. SR, in which the presence of noise helps a nonlinear system in amplifying a weak (under-barrier) signal, has been observed in neural systems. However, there has been no fundamental study that investigates the signal responses of CR in the spiking ...

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