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Emerging Trends in Transportation Planning

Book Description

Walking and bicycling are the basic forms of travel. But modern methodologies for predicting future travel patterns, traffic congestion, parking demand, and funding priorities are based on assumptions that are incompatible with walking and bicycling. Transportation professionals face a critical dilemma: either go with the flow by prioritizing car traffic or protect human life even if it means inconveniencing car traffic. This book explores emerging trends, some of which cause vigorous debate because of the fundamental shift in transportation philosophy. It will inspire transportation professionals to challenge the status quo for the sake of the public’s well-being. Communities are eager for experts to embrace strategies that protect human life, and experts are often framed as out-of-touch for being slow to adapt to a community’s needs. There is hope. Transportation professionals have the tools and resources to improve public health and safety, restore the freedom to choose travel modes, and revitalize towns and cities. Their work has a profound impact on everyday American life. Read this book and take action. Be the 21st-century transportation planner known for unfaltering drive to restore life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.