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Emoti-coms: A marketing guide to communicating through emotions

Book Description

Marketing is broken. Everyday, consumers are bombarded with thousands of commercial messages, and they have become increasingly adept at screening out or instantly forgetting them. The advertising quest for eyeballs is floundering and research and developments in technology suggest that reaching people will only get increasingly difficult with time. Meanwhile, exciting breakthroughs in neuroscience and psychology have given us greater insights into human emotions than ever before. And important findings suggest that marketing communication - and consumers - can benefit from this. Companies that change their promotional efforts to focus on emotional engagement with their would-be customers can convey values and benefits more accurately, be more persuasive, gain better memorisation, have their marketing go viral with greater speed, and ensure they get the best possible returns from product placement and celebrity endorsement. A share of heart, not a split-second of attention, must now be the goal of all marketers. Emoti-coms is the revolutionary guide to this new approach. Lucidly covering the theoretical groundwork and introducing actionable ideas, hints and tips for your own emotion-based campaigns, it also addresses the ethical dimension of thisa new and powerful way of getting your message out to the world. A fascinating and provocative read for all marketing and communications professionals.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Publishing Details
  3. About the Authors
  4. Preface
    1. A Note on Emotional Communication
  5. Introduction
    1. Reversing the Eyeball-to-Eyewall Trend
  6. Chapter 1. Rationality: A Theory of Economists, a Myth in Business
    1. 1.1 What is rationality?
    2. 1.2 Are we really in control of our decisions?
    3. 1.3 Business is not only about rationality
    4. Summary: The irrationality of the rational consumer
  7. Chapter 2. What We Should Know About Emotions
    1. 2.1 What is emotion?
    2. 2.2 Six key fundamental facts about emotions
    3. 2.3 How to represent emotions in an actionable way
    4. 2.4 The growing place of emotions in modern societies
    5. Summary: Key actionable facts about emotions
  8. Chapter 3. How Emotions Matter to Consumers
    1. 3.1 How emotions drive our consumer life
    2. 3.2 The ‘3 Ms’ of emotional communication: mindset, message and mechanic
    3. 3.3 From one to many: emotional contagion and mirror neurons
    4. Summary: The emotional consumer
  9. Chapter4. Emotion, the Holy Grail of Brands?
    1. 4.1 Emotion-enabled communication techniques
    2. 4.2 Careful when playing with emotions
    3. 4.3 The view from the boardroom
    4. Summary: Emotional marketing methods
  10. Chapter 5. Share of Heart, the New Paradigm of Communication
    1. 5.1 Share of voice: less and less audible
    2. 5.2 What is ‘share of heart’?
    3. 5.3 Content production and distribution is critical to share of heart
    4. 5.4 The conveyability of the message
    5. Summary: Gaining a share of heart
  11. Conclusion. Emotions are Not the Key, They are the Door
    1. No quote for the conclusion?
    2. What conclusion for our business readers?
    3. What conclusion for the communications industry?
    4. Ethics: the necessity of using emotion as a tool and not as a weapon
    5. At the end of the journey
    6. Books and articles referenced in Emoti-coms